Himalayan Portraits Photo Expo

Himalayan Portraits Soul Stories Looking at the Himalayan Portraits, we can find a story that the person possibly tells us. This is not limited to one story, there are many chapters in the story, and […]

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The former King of Mustang has died

Just after I wrote my first blog about Mustang, I saw in the news at the BBC.com that the last King of Mustang has died: Nepal remembers Bista, last king of Upper Mustang The last […]

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Trekking in Mustang: A Lost Tibetan Kingdom

This is my first blog about Mustang, more Mustang blogs will follow! The start of my exploration of ‘Mustang, A Lost Tibetan Kingdom’ Intrigued by the book ‘Mustang, A lost Tibetan Kingdom’ by Michel Peissel, which […]

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